Company Benefits
Why choose Pinnuo?

We have been recognized as a standard second grade safety production (mechanical) enterprise, and also passed supplier qualification audit of SKF&FAG.

We offer you: 1. A good working environment and a harmonious working atmosphere. 2. Professional employee training programs and developments. 3. Grow with Pinnuo. We make sure that you are able to fully develop your potential. 4. Work challenges, opportunities and corporate culture.
Shuttle transfer
Free training
Special holiday subsidies
Staff activity facilities

The company provides free shuttle service to help ease the commute for employees. It

not only saves time and cuts transportation fees, but also achieves the balance between work and family.

In order to enable better communication, better relationships and increasing productivity among coworkers, company organizes indoor and outdoor team building activities on a regular basis.

The company's welfare programs, which are designed to adapt employees' knowledge, skills, attitudes and other aspects to changing economic technology and the external environment, include employee on-the-job and short-term off-the-job training, and public training.
Employees enjoy Spring Festival, National Day and other holidays, as well as special holidays, such as Mid-Autumn festival, Dragon Boat Festival, etc.
The company provides entertainment and cultural venues, organizes routes, and carries out recreational and sports activities to enrich employees' spare time life and cultivate their positive attitude.
Company Benefits
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